Drones are aircraft or unmanned flying machines originally designed for military operations. These devices safeguard pilots who operate the drone remotely. The drones for civilian use began to appear in 2012 as the outcome of developments made by universities, and soon after was made available to the public. The number of manufacturers who have marketed these devices have sold it really cheap and became popular. Today you can buy a drone online for prices starting from 35 US$ and up.

Studies on the proliferation of drones said it will be double the number of users per year, as they are highly popular and widely used for sports, for recordings of private and commercial video and other personal uses. However these devices are very risky. By having a very economical cost, and subject to wireless cameras attached to it, drones can be used for purposes such as spying or for illegal interference.

On the other hand, it carries the risk of breaching security, for example it could be used by terrorists to gather information and conduct terrorist attacks. An explosive device can be easily attached to a drone or terrorists might use it to simply mark targets making these devices a very dangerous weapon. Its versatility also allows for the installation of a directional YAGI antennas with a modem on them, or can be used by hackers to access computer systems and access confidential data.

The only way to protect yourself from these devices is to create an electronic barrier that prevents the communications between the drone and the person that is trying to steal images or videos of your privacy.

The drones usually work with WIFI frequencies commonly, so using WIFI jammers with 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies is enough to keep them away, and prevents the theft of pictures, videos and personal information.