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Secure payment


Payment methods available


On our website you can choose different payment methods (if they are provided or available for that country). During the checkout process you can choose the one that suits you. All of them can be made with absolute confidence.


Wire transfer is the method used most often, payments are made ​​through one of the accounts of Dynamic Forensics Ltd. It is a fairly secure method, since there is a trace of the sender and destination of capital transferred. As is the method we recommend to our customers. Upon checkout, having chosen this method, you will receive the number of our bank account. Once received the payment for the transaction, your order will be prepared in our warehouse and sent in response to deadlines and availability. It is important that the concept of transfer indicate the order number. If within 10 days we have not received the amount, the order will be canceled automatically.

Note the time delay of this payment system, is 24 hours to 5 days. Please note that any expenses generated by this system the customer must pay them.


All customers who wish to send payment by money order (service provided after the post offices in each country (USPS, Mail, DHL, etc) can also send money via Western Union.Orders will be processed once payment is received and encashed. Once the user press the Confirm" button in the shopping cart, you can select the mode of payment by Western Union or Money Order.

After selecting and ordering process, you will come to a page where you indicate the data for payment. Once placed, you must send the scan, photocopy or photograph to be warned and proceed to the receipt of payment. Note the time delay of each payment system, for example, Western Union payment is immediate (within 24 hours), however in money orders may be delayed several days.

Once charged the amount the order will be processed a confirmation email will be sent to confirm the shipping. Note that any expenses generated by this system the customer must pay it.



This system will be at the discretion of the delegations in the country of the customer, so it will be offered only if the delegate or distributor in the country agrees that system. We offer cash on delivery system in countries with a delegation or business office, since that way and to have a presence this system can offer. In this case, the carrier will request, on delivery, payment of the total purchase. It is important to keep the amount ready to expedite the process. In this type of payment the carrier usually charge a fee, so the choice of this system carries a minimum charge of 10% of the total turnover. This percentage comes from the commission of the carrier (as this takes an amount to bring the payment to our company), plus (and within that percentage) Management fees are added by PROJammers®, since we generated more actions other payment systems. So the client must be clear and accept this additional cost.

Once the system selected the client will not make any other request, an email will be sent to confirm that the order has left, so that it be prepared for their reception. Please have the exact amount ready to avoid unnecessary waiting or delays.


Including a system of sales in politics does not mean your application or your requirement, by this we mean that PROJammers® may approve or disapprove a payment system in response to company policy, safety and security, or to fit the legislation. In no time a payment system may be grounds for requiring the client must adapt to existing options or those provided by the company. At no time negotiations or payment systems not covered will be accepted.