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Terms of service

Section One: Purpose of the General Terms of Use

Dynamic Forensics Ltd. company incorporated in Hong Kong with business certificate 1852905 addressed in Unit 3709, 37th Floor, Tower II, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong (hereinafter PROJammers®) as owner and manager of the online store called www.projammers.com with PROJammers® brand, is a company dedicated to safety, support and marketing of products for professionals in the field of security which also provides through this website (located at the URL www.projammers.com, hereinafter PROJammers®) the following services, features and content on-line, for professionals, businesses, consumers, users or any other end user (hereinafter user).

These services, functionalities are reflected in this websiteand the contents are governed by the following terms of use.

Section Two: Services provided through the website of Projammers

PROJammers® offers through its website the following services, features and content:

  1. Browsing service in the website.
  2. Buy online products service.
  3. Product finder service according to different parameters.
  4. Service access to a range of content by category.
  5. Technical data of the products PROJammers®sells.
  6. Webmail service to contact the company.
  7. Other services and any other services in the future PROJammers® will integrate into this website.


PROJammers® may, in the future, provide the user with new content, services or functionality, whether or not free, to increase the benefits available to the user.

In turn, PROJammers® reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any services, features and content referred to in this website without prior notice requirement.

Section Three: User Status of Projammers

Access to the website of PROJammers® is entirely voluntary and attribute every one that access this URL, whatever the medium or technology used, the User Status. As a user, and the fact voluntarily access the website, owned by PROJammers®, accepted without any reservation or condition, the content of this Legal Notice or Conditions of Use. Hence, the user must read Legal Notice and Terms of Use before making any transaction, viewing, use, download, purchase, management, etc in this URL.

All actions performed by the users of PROJammers® be at your own risk and will be directly responsible for the products they buy and use. Take advice before purchasing a product related to security or intelligence as you may be committing a felony when you use if it is not allowed in the country of the user.

PROJammers®does not require prior subscription to the simple, browsing, accessing or using the shopping services offered online through the website of PROJammers®. By contrast, for access to certain content and services, a subscription will be required and registration as a user (on subscribers). As the processing of personal data refers, read the Privacy Policy link available in PROJammers®.

Section Four: User Obligations

You understand as user that all materials and the content of the website, which in any way or by any format will express or reproduce in PROJammers® belong to it, unless expressly indicated otherwise. Likewise, the user agrees to make a lawful, diligent, correct and honest use of the information and content provided through the website PROJammers® or third parties related with PROJammers®, and all under the principles of good faith and with respect to the law.

The User under any circumstances is authorized to distribute, copy, perform, transmit, display, reproduce, license, use the material as a basis for other works, transfer or sell in any way any information, documents, images, web code, products or services obtained from this website; is only authorized to examine it in its current form and to download on any single computer one copy of the material for personal and private use, not for commercial purposes, provided that you comply with all regulations of intellectual property and other similar.

Use the material or content to be expressed on the website or reproduce in PROJammers®website in environments of jammers stores and similar sites is totally prohibited.

Under no circumstances may use the webmail system to distribute advertising or commercial offers of any kind.

The User recognizes that unauthorized use and misuse of the content or tools of PROJammers® website can lead civil and/or criminal responsibility.

Section Five: Obligations Projammers

PROJammers® takes to the user with respect to the enjoyment of this website the following obligations:

Adopt the necessary means and measures to ensure the security and privacy in communications. PROJammers®does not respond when adopted appropriate safety measures, were violated by these third parties or external agents.

Provide the services continuously and use all means necessary for its restoration in case of failure, as long as we possibly can.

Inform the user PROJammers® well in advance of any event known to it which may affect the normal provision of the service or the substantial change in their conditions.

Ensure the secrecy of communications being exonerated of all responsibility in obtaining by the user or third party recordings or any breach of secrecy that he is not responsible for out of control obtained may carry out PROJammers®.

PROJammers®is not responsible for failures and service disruptions resulting from the connection of equipment to carry out the user without intervention from us, or failures attributable to third parties or force majeure. Along the same lines is not responsible for any damages that may be caused to users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties (hackers) may place on the website or in the electronic documents and files contained in the computer system.

PROJammers® may modify the conditions of access and location of the content of the website, and to restrict, block or remove access to services for users when not be carried out lawful, proper and diligent use of the services provided on the website. Also, we can lock or withdraw the contents posted by third parties that are illegal or demeaning that contravene the laws or regulations applicable national and international.

Section Six: Responsibility for the running Projammers website

PROJammers® not be liable for any damages incurred by the user in case of failure to provide the service under these Terms due to accident, force majeure or other cause not attributable to the company causes.

Nor PROJammers® be liable for the malfunction of the website if this is due to maintenance works, incidents affecting national or international operators, a faulty configuration of customer equipment or insufficient capacity to support computer systems to use the service.

Section seven: Identifier and key personnel or password

To register for the website PROJammers® User must fill out the customer registration form or Register Form section of the website.

Having examined the request and admitted PROJammers® be assigned a User ID or "login" and a personal password (hereinafter the Access Keys). The right of acceptance of the application for registration is reserved to PROJammers®.

Access Codes are personal and not transferable, the User agrees to make a lawful and diligent use of them, and not to make available to third parties to know and use them. PROJammers® is exempted from any liability that may accrue for damages and suffering caused by the misuse of the Access Keys, lost keys or breach of the provisions in the General Conditions.

The User agrees to select, use and keep your user ID or "login" and password in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses. In case of loss or theft of these Access Keys, the Registered User shall immediately notify PROJammers® sending an email to info (at) projammers.com, otherwise the user will be responsible for anything that is causing this effect.

The assignment of the Access Keys is performed automatically. If the User will select Access Keys that have been previously used by another user, you must select a new Access Keys.

Access Keys allow the user to order or purchase on-line products and services you want, using payment options provided by our system.

You represent and warrant that the data provided in the registration are true, that you have at least 18 years and you are entitled to use the services offered on the website PROJammers® according to the terms and conditions detailed herein.

Hereby, the User agrees to supervise the use that can make any minor or third parties to use the equipment and/or registration account to access the website PROJammers® and accepts responsibility for the actions thereof.

Section Eight: Purchase Products Online

The PROJammers® website includes a e-commerce application, rated as virtual store that can be accessed only by registered users with their passwords.

In all cases, the rates, terms and procedure of purchase will be unmistakable to the user. The information regarding the product (see technical data and description) is displayed clearly and expressly.

PROJammers® not liable for inaccuracies in information about items caused by typographical errors, system failures or any other third party inclusions without consent.

PROJammers® not responsible for the expectations that product images may be created in the user outside the specifications explicitly clear in their respective data sheets.

The product offering is subject to availability as stock, PROJammers® reserves the right to withdraw the offer of products for sale without notice. Also, PROJammers® is the only entity authorized to issue or withdraw product specials, prices or services on your website.

PROJammers® agrees to get products to their destination within the timeframe agreed by both parties, except non-computable reasonable exceptions to the company, for example holidays. PROJammers® held responsible for delivery problems due to the action of third parties, force majeure and / or negligence of the carriers that provide the service..

PROJammers® be exempt from liability for non-compliance with release dates of new products, which are purely indicative.

Payment for the products will be purchased exclusively through bank transfer, send money by money order or Western Union and some countries cash on delivery or credit card.

Ninth Section: Intellectual and Industrial Property

The material and contents provided by PROJammers® are protected by laws, treaties and agreements that protect copyrights.

The rights of intellectual and industrial property belonging to PROJammers®, texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, brands, domains and other elements of this website are protected by laws and international treaties on intellectual property and Industrial. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, public communication or any other use of all or part of the contents of this website, conducted in any form or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, is strictly prohibited without prior authorization, and written by PROJammers®. Any infringement of these rights may result in legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, with the corresponding economic compensation for the damages caused.

It is completely prohibited to remove, ignore or manipulate the "copyright" and other data identifying of PROJammers®, owned by Dynamic forensics Ltd.

All rights of intellectual property on this website are legally reserved and access to, or use by its users, should not be considerated, in any way as conferring any license or right under any asset owned or held by PROJammers®.

You acknowledge that the absence of a special agreement between the parties, is only authorized to use the information, intellectual property of PROJammers®, exclusively for their own needs and not directly or indirectly make any commercial use of the services to which you have access or the results obtained from the use of the website.

The user, by accessing the website PROJammers® are obliged to use the services, features and content in full compliance with the laws and customs of the trade and will be liable to PROJammers® or against third parties for any damages that they may be caused by breach of this obligation.

The user shall refrain from any conduct in using the website PROJammers® that violates the rights of intellectual property of PROJammers® or third parties, or that violates or infringes the honor, personal and family privacy or image of others, or that are illegal or violate morality, and in any case cease Dynamic Forensics Ltd harmless from any claims, judicial or extrajudicial front of it was a consequence of such use. Any activity or practice which violates the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet Users also expressly prohibited.

Consequently, PROJammers®, representatives, partners, professionals and employees, assume no liability or which may arise from the use that users make of the information and contents of this website PROJammers®, or the application of thereof to substantiate or support any judgment or personal or business decision.

Also the User will not rush through the use of the website PROJammers® any destruction, alteration, disruption or damage to data, programs or electronic documents belonging to PROJammers®, their suppliers or third parties, as well as to introduce or spread net programs, virus, applets, ActiveX controls or any instrument or physical or electronic device that cause or may cause any type of alteration to the network in the system, or third owned systems.

PROJammers® not be liable for infringement of any user that affect the rights of another User or third party rights including copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual or industrial property.

No guarantee in any way the accuracy, integrity, updating, accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness, or results that must be obtained from the use of information disclosed by third party in PROJammers® website.

Section Ten: Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection policy is expressed on a purpose on the website subject to these Terms of Use (www.projammers.com) section which is accessed through nominated as "Privacy policy" link.

Section Eleven: Violations and Illegal Activities

If PROJammers® discovered either directly or through notifications or requests from third parties, use for fraudulent purposes, unlawful, unethical, offensive and/or unauthorized data, products and services of PROJammers® and breach by user of any of its obligations under these Terms, the Company reserves the right to suspend all or part of itself all services without prior authorization of the user, reserving the power to remove infringing content hosted on servers this website or take any other action it deems necessary to prevent the continued criminal act or offense is detected.

Without limiting the foregoing, PROJammers® reserves the right to inform the administrative or judicial authorities of facts which could constitute an illegal activity, without prior notice to the user.

Twelfth Section: Conflict Resolution


Notwithstanding the existence of peremptory norms in the State of residence, these Terms of Use are subject to and governed by Chinese laws, even when they have been adapted to North American and European laws.

As for the resolution of any dispute shall be determined by the courts of Hong Kong Special Administration. If you are not Chinese resident, will be the Courts of Hong Kong.

Thirteenth Section: Modification of this disclaimer and Terms

PROJammers® reserves the right to amend this notice to adapt to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as to changes or new industry practices. In such cases will be notified in advance of reasonable changes to be introduced in the Legal Notice or Conditions of Use, Data Protection Policy, and when to start to take full effect the changes.

Section Fourteen: Communications

PROJammers® may direct the user either by mail, email or public disclosure thereof by any media. Similarly, the user can send messages to PROJammers® by mail, addressed to the registered office of the company, or email, addressed to the customer service mailbox.

Fifteenth Section: Consultations

For inquiries, suggestions, complaints or concerns PROJammers® offers users the following means of contact:

Through the contact page of PROJammers® website or email to info (at) projammers.com

Replace(at) = @