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Shipping and Delivery


Tender specifications

Section One: Scope of the contract

These General Conditions of Sale apply to the sale of all products in Dynamic Forensics Ltd. (hereinafter PROJammers®) through its online store, located at the URL www.projammers.comto professionals, consumers, businesses, users or any other end user (hereinafter user), any person who makes a purchase on our website.

Prices, conditions and purchasing process should provide certainty for the user. The information regarding the product (see technical data and physical description) is displayed clearly and expressly.

The use by the user of the services offered on the PROJammers® means, in any case, adherence to the Terms and Conditions published by PROJammers® in the moment of the purchase order.

Therefore, it is desirable that the user carefully read the Terms and Conditions before confirming your order. So, once the user completes the purchase and press the "confirm order" will be requested your Access Keys (or registration as user) and will have to explicitly check the box in which are accepted Conditions of Sale to continue the process. They may only buy PROJammers® Registered Users.

Checking this box means that the user fully understands and accepts the terms of sale as detailed below. However if the user does not select this option, it is assumed that does not accept the Conditions of Sale; therefore, the transaction was not completed and does not imply the acceptance of any obligation by the User.

Shortly after ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with the order details, including date of issue and delivery provided for each item.

Once your order has left the warehouse to proceed with the shipping, you will receive an email notification with the courier details and tracking information.

Make sure the email address you provided in your order is correct and in turn, make sure that our emails has not entered in your email spam folder.

You can track your order through the website in your personal account where the order status will show.

Section Two: Prices

The supply of products of PROJammers®is subject to availability as stock. PROJammers® reserves the right to withdraw the offer of products for sale without notice.

Prices shown on the screen next to each product are expressed in Euros or US$ excluding all taxes on the product because it does not apply to the sale, so the final price is contained in the product, if buy from a country without delegation or distributor, will face customs fees and expenses generated, not being one of PROJammers® responsibility.

CUSTOMS TAX CHARGES APPLY TO YOUR COUNTRY, at no time may be eligible to PROJammers®, and are the integrate responsibility of the User.

As both the shopping cart, and order confirmation, the amount payable shall be considered the total receivables, which eventually detail with shipping, that apply according to each case. In the event that the sale takes place in HK and China shall apply 15% as Taxes.

According to its trade policy, PROJammers® will make final price variations, either by loyalty, by acquiring some relevance products, product offerings and other reasons PROJammers® can agree on one point. However, be PROJammers®, which bid these discounts and deals freely and voluntarily, who deems appropriate. These discounts can never be required or requested by the user.

PROJammers® reserves the right to make at any time and without notice any changes it deems appropriate and can update daily and prices depending on the market.

PROJammers® not liable for inaccuracies in information about items caused by typographical errors, system failures or any other third party inclusion without consent. PROJammers® not responsible for the expectations that product images may be created in the user outside the specifications explicitly and clear published in their respective data sheets.

Shipping costs will be borne by the customer and will specify in the shopping cart and order confirmation. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination chosen by the customer. The shipping costs to destinations are approximate and may vary depending on the volume and weight that are the products in your order. The costs for each case are explained clearly in the shopping cart and order confirmation.

The price applicable to the purchase by the user is to place on the time of accepting the General Conditions, except for typographical errors or management failures in the stock.

After receiving an order, PROJammers® reserves the right to change prices at any time for objective reasons, for typographical errors, system failures or any other third party changes without the consent of PROJammers® having the authority to terminate the contract with the user if the total shipping amount result higher than originally stipulated.

Section Three: Payment

Payment of purchases made through PROJammers® can be made by bank transfer, Western Union or money order. In countries with delegation, he may opt to pay with cash on delivery, so if you were referred, the end customer must bear the expenses incurred. All payment system chosen by the customer, leading added expenses or fees, the customer must pay them.

A. Payment by bank transfer

Once the user press "Confirm" in the shopping cart, you can select the mode of payment by "Wire Transfer".

Before finalizing the order, the Registered User must verify the amount of the purchase and the shipping address of the order. The default shipping address is always the address included in the user registration form.

If the user wants the shipping address is other, you must modify it in the shopping cart before finalizing the order.

Once the order is completed, a summary of the details of your order and instructions for payment by wire transfer will be displayed to the User; also receive the same information by e-mail. From this point, the user will have a period of 7 days to make the bank transfer to the account number to be indicated. The ordering process starts when PROJammers® receive a proof of such transfer by e-mail info (at) projammers.com or by contact form, check the amount of the transfer is correct and has produced its deposit in the account. PROJammers® will send an e-mail to Registered Users stating that your transfer has been received and the approximate delivery time, which will be communicated by e-mail by PROJammers®. (SEE SECTION FOUR DELIVERY)

In the event that the amount paid exceeds the amount required in the order, and have to make a return to the customer, the costs of returning the amount borne by the customer or can stay as cash or voucher for future purchases.

B. Payment by Western Union / Money Order

Once the user press "Confirm" in the shopping cart, you can select the mode of payment by Western Union / Money Order.

After selecting and processing the system, a screen will show where the payment details to make the payment of the order. Once payment has been made using the information provided, it shall send the scan, pic or copy thereof to proceed to the reception. Note the time delay of each payment system, Western Union payment is immediate (within 24 hours), however in money orders may be delayed several days. (SEE SECTION FOUR: DELIVERY)

Once get the payment the order will be processed and a confirmation email of shipping will be sent. Note that any expenses generated by this payment system the customer must pay it.

C. Payment for COD

This system will be at the discretion of the delegations in the country of the customer, so it will be offered only if the delegate or distributor in the country agrees that system.

This system has an additional cost of 10% of the total order, so that the client should be clear and accept this additional cost. This percentage comes from the commission of the carrier (as this takes an amount to broadcast it to our company), plus (and within that percentage) Management fees are added by PROJammers®, since it is not an automated system.

Once selected this system the client will not make any other request, an email will be sent to confirm the order has left the warehouse, so he can prepare for the reception. Please have the exact amount ready to avoid unnecessary waitings or delays.

D. On payment systems

Including a system of payment of this policy does not mean your application, by this we mean that PROJammers® may approve or disapprove a payment system in response to company policy, safety and security, or to adapt to the current legislation. In no time a payment system may be grounds for requiring the client must adapt to existing options or those provided by the company. At no time negotiations or payment systems not covered will be accepted.

Section Four: Shipping and Delivery

A. Shipping Options

The customer can choose between 2 types of shipping (Standard or Express). The type of standard shipping will be done by postal service or equivalent lowcost system. These systems involve less than the economic cost express delivery, but can take several weeks. So it is not a recommended for customers who want the product before a date or ASAP system. The shipping time in places with delegation, or business office is , and depending the items, could be from 1 to 7 business days for international shipments can vary from 15 to 35 business days (depending on the country and to countries without delegation).

Delivery by courier will be held with the best suppliers in each country (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, MRW, ETC), national (countries with delegation) deliveries will be made within 24 to 72 h. In countries without delegation (international shipping) may take up to 7 days. Is not computable the time that could be retained in custom office of each country.

B. Delivery Order

Delivery times depend on the chosen service, and therefore will be defined by estimates, not understood at any time as contractual terms, in the case of Standard shipments within nationwide delivery could be 1-7 business days (in countries with delegation) for international shipments can vary from 15 to 35 business days (depending on the country and to countries without delegation).

Delivery by express courier (countries with delegation) were held nationwide in 24 to 72 h. In countries without delegation (international shipping) may take up to 7 business days. Is not computable the time that could be retained in custom office of each country.

Any changes to the delivery address of the order, once it has gone from stores PROJammers® will be payable by the customer who will paid the amount for the change of direction at the time of delivery of the order (whenever possible this change of address).

PROJammers® not responsible for deliveries by the transport company are not made within the stipulated time due to force majeure, problems of the carrier or local, national or regional festivities that stipulated by the transport company.

C. Regular Store.

After receiving the payment, PROJammers® you can access the user control panel in the web page www.projammers.com, however you will receive an e-mail to the address appearing in the register or that has been given user in the shopping cart, to note that the bill is available. The receiver is required to check that the number of packages delivered corresponds with the order placed.

User Compliance in Document Delivery waive any claim or complaint about the goods ordered or received in a defective condition due to the transport.

The request will send to your destination covered against any risk, being the cost of the insurance included in the cost of transport. Whether to enforce the insurance, as for correct any errors in delivery, it is a precondition that is stated in the Despatch Advice of the courier company, any impact on the delivered goods or conditions of their packaging (bag opening, damages, etc...). It is also imperative that the incidence communicate within a maximum 24 hours PROJammers®. (SEE RETURNS SECTION FIVE)

Section Five: Returns

  1. Product returns will be accepted within the first 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, provided they have not been opened, used or customized products or out of stock. (See above, since it is not available for all devices).


  1. Return of any product must be accepted * previously by PROJammers® via email in which the customer shall indicate:


  • Order Reference
  • serial number
  • Reason for return


  1. Having granted by PROJammers® to return the order you will be notified by e-mail or telephone. Also be given a returns number which must clearly state on the outside of the shipping package. Since then you have a maximum of 10 days to ship the product.



  1. If after 10 days we have not received the product the return will be rejected.

Upon receipt of merchandise, if it is in perfect condition (not unsealed or installed) with the corresponding original packaging (unopened), a refund will be made in the account number that you provide, except for the provision funds that will be sunk.

  1. The shipping costs incurred in the return of the product shall be borne by the customer. Likewise, it is not included in the amount of the refund, the cost of transporting the first delivery and packaging costs. This expenditure will also be borne by the customer and bank fees incurred due to the realization of the return.
  2. If the material does not arrive in perfect condition, with original packaging and all accessories, PROJammers® reserves the right to pay a lower amount or refuse the return.
  3. Will not accept returns if the packaging has been opened, no withdrawal is accepted, nor any return of custom jammers and designed for a specific purpose, so the sale is final, not being excuse ignorance or error, and when you purchase the product agrees to these terms.
  4. Product damaged in transit: In the event the product arrives damaged because of transport, it shall notify PROJammers® no later than 24 hours from receipt of order. If the outer packaging of product is found broken or damaged upon receipt, it is vital we STATED IN THE TRANSPORTATION PACKING SLIP, which has to sign for the order. Once the claim PROJammers® request the return shipment and once again this in our warehouse, we will send a new one, after reviewing the equipment and check the responsibilities effectively. All this at no cost to the customer.
  5. If the return is not accepted by non-compliance with the above conditions, transport costs both outward and return shall be borne by the customer.


Section Six: Confidentiality

We understand the private nature of our products, so we offer our customers a totally discreet and confidential shipping, we do not refer to the contents inside on the outside of the package. The sender shall at all times Dynamic Forensics Ltd or any of its affiliated companies (distributors).

The same applies to the payment system, where the data of the company appear as Dynamic Forensics Ltd to effect collections.