TSCM (Technical surveillance counter-measures) or Electronic Sweeps are professional services dedicated to detecting spy microphones and other devices, is conducting visual inspections and exhaustive searches aimed at detecting, locating and removal of spy devices, and any other threat to privacy, either by electronic equipment, such as architectural features or vulnerabilities in the area where the inspection is performed. It is not easy and requires adequate professional qualification work and extensive experience and technical knowledge of the means of espionage and forms and places are usually placed. On the other hand, not least, it is required high-tech electronic equipment to help facilitate the tracking of hidden Radio Frequency devices, and other spy devices.

TSCM Sweeps have multiple meanings, including the most common, called scanning environment or environmental scanning. It is actions undertaken by Frequency detectors and detectors of nonlinear devices for locating hidden devices, such as microphones of frequencies (AM, FM, the VHF, UHF, etc) radio or last generation microphones such as GSM, radio frequency hidden cameras and many other covert devices. Sweep services is better known by the general public as detection of hidden microphones, location of transmitters, tracking microphones, eavesdropping detection, location of microphones, tapped phones, etc.

Within the Electronic Sweeps safety reports or safety audits, in this part of the services, professionals through its experience with spy equipment and expertise fall, produce a report on vulnerabilities rather examined, being one of the most important points regarding these services. Where the importance of professionalism and experience is most important.

Unfortunately, these services do not have the popularity or are extent as they should, since both companies and government do not use take measures to put up something that has not happened before, however these services are to be understood more as a prevention as a means of solving a problem or after an espionage case. A theft of information can assume millions of loss for a company, even could lose credibility as a company, to a public administration may involve specially protected information, extortion, blackmail and other crimes that may damage the credibility and robberies have political costs. As in the case of not having a service of this kind (because they are usually very expensive) one of the options is the use of a frequency jammer to avoid as far as possible the information leaks.