The frequency detectors are devices designed to detect different groups of frequencies, these devices usually have a certain frequency spectrum, and a particular function. The detectors of radio frequency (RF) are very effective in locating spy microphones (Spy Bugs) and other invasive devices intended to steal secrets or to make unlawful interference. Today there are economic apparatus for detecting a wide spectrum of frequencies, but not all are suitable for all cases, so it is appropriate to have notions about these teams to choose the detector that best suits the needs to locate hidden devices.

Autonomous spy devices consist of a transmitter, which is responsible for issuing all that has captured and send it to a receiver, signals can be continuous, interval or burst, so you should choose the appropriate equipment to enable the detection of these spy bugs.

The best choice is to choose a device that allows the detection of various types of microphones, in this way will be easier to detect eavesdropping devices. A higher detection spectrum has the greater chance of detecting spy microphones. Furthermore the detectors are composed of a led meter or a display for indicating frequency and intensity. For experienced perhaps sufficient intensity meter, however have a display screen is advisable, especially at the professional level, allowing you to discriminate and identify the frequencies.

In the market there are many types of detectors, however detector frequencies should not be chosen lightly. Criteria should never be either the cheapest or that you have, because if such criteria still may not work as one would like or that its operation is very cumbersome and not allow you to use them effectively. It is advisable to choose a model that brings together the basic features of reading audio, display and method to change the frequency or an auto detection system to detect frequencies operating in the area.

Frequency detectors or frequency counters are used to detect the location of a hidden device. Those hidden devices may be bugs, wiretaps RF, wireless video cameras, GSM microphones and so on. In that sweep the user will tour the room with detection equipment to locate the hidden microphone, through a system of strength bars, the user will be warned of the proximity of the equipment to indicate the exact place where it is located.

The frequency or frequency transducer is a device that besides being a frequency detector, is responsible of measure, capture and store the exact frequency, later to treat and use it. These devices are useful if we are interested to know the exact frequency of emission of a device, but can be used for criminal purposes, as they allow duplicate radio controls or activators (radio commands).