In telecommunications, a jammer, also called inhibitor, disruptor or blocker of frequencies, is a device, put simply, prevents or hinders telecommunications radio frequency. Usually focus on a particular frequency spectrum, which is like the mobile phone, although there are for almost all types of radio frequency devices. Its amplitude spectrum and power depend on the use to which it will give, the power of the equipment that is required and the area where it is to use.

A frequency jammer is basically a frequency signal generator composed of an oscillator configured for a specific band signal, and a transmitter. The oscillator generates a signal, then this signal is pre-amplified according to the needs you have, and then is sent to the transmitter module, with the power of pre-amplified output as needed by the user. The signal generated is not a proper communication because no useful information, so it is a signal generated by an oscillator only. As the output signal, being of greater power than the communications signal, blocking or suppressing the main signal, preventing communication between sender and receiver to which it is desired to inhibit.

In future articles we will develop applications.