The main function of a jammer is mainly for security. Nowadays telecommunications have expanded that is why it is easy for hackers, companies and other organizations to monitor activities of telecommunication users. Within security are preventing vandalism, prevent theft of information companies avoid triggering explosive devices remote or automatic activation that could jeopardize the lives of people. For security purposes, are the police and security companies the main users of frequency inhibition systems to ensure the life of the agents (in tactical operations) or citizens, security barracks or police stations and in prisons to prevent communication between the prisoners and complicit collaborators or to prevent further criminal acts being committed. It is also used for VIP protection, VIP protection vehicles and high officials, where they are forced use, especially to avoid activations remote explosive.

The civil use of jammers is extensive, mainly used to provide security for corporate meetings and prevent information leakage, is very effective to prevent students from cheating in exams and competitions, as the use of spy earpieces are widespread due to the ease of use of new telecommunications technologies. The mobile phone jammers, are a great asset to prevent unwanted calls in social settings such as conferences, meetings, theaters, churches, etc.

The military use focuses on the use of frequency jammers for tactical operations, in order to avoid remote explosive action (IED), or to prevent the targets can communicate for reinforcement or to give away the position of tactical intervention agents.


Jammers in buildings, institutions, venues:

In certain areas of security is necessary to jam both incoming and outgoing communications. Mainly to prevent eavesdropping by unauthorized devices to communicate with mobile phones, cameras or micro cameras, microphones, data transmissions, etc. Use although these devices may block more conventional frequencies, cannot always block all telecommunications spectrum of frequencies. The safest known method is the Faraday cage, which consists of the total coating (the place) by a metal cage to block external, but also internal communications, it is not feasible or practical, because it would be the place fully insolated preventing the desired communications.


Jammers for vehicles

These jammers are placed in most official vehicles, to avoid serious security risks, such as terrorist attacks or opponents of the government. They usually have a medium range, but obviously do not have all frequencies, but its purpose is to provide a bubble of sufficient jamming range to avoid a direct impact from a bomb. It is also used to prevent security risks, for example the locations of the vehicle position. For dignitaries or VIPs, these devices are used with ballistic protection, preparing the vehicle for any circumstance.

Jammers for personal use

These jammers are usually based on mobile frequencies are mainly used to avoid risks in privacy, often worn for business meetings and for commercial sales to avoid being disturbed and to stay focused on the conversation or prevent information theft via mobile communication. It is also commonly used for jamming GPS locators, used to prevent unwanted tracking by third parties. Other typical applications is the use by teachers in examinations, for priests (church) to avoid annoying interruptions, etc.

Jammers for criminal use

From a knife to a car, any object, device is capable of being used for criminal purposes, so that jammers are sometimes used by a person or group for purposes of protest to assert an idea curtailing others, can be used by external or internal agents of the company to hinder business activities or as revenge.

They can also be used by criminals to lock car alarms, or to prevent them from knowing the location of stolen vehicles. Certain basic home alarms that are not connected to a CRA, may be affected by jammers that operate on these frequencies, and sometimes they are connected to a CRA is no guarantee.

The thieves know is that alarms GSM type connected to a CRA, they tend to be continuously monitored, so a lack of communication causes once the alarm goes off (usually silently), and therefore an immediate notice the police. As the thieves become informers of themselves.

The use of arbitrary and / or maliciously jamming devices are severely punishable in most jurisdictions.

There is also a solution to detect such intrusions, in our website also you can find frequency detectors, and these devices can detect jammers and you will be notified when a trigger occurs.