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Advantages of buying in our store

In this present page we propose 10 points about why to buy in our store and not on other Frequency Jammer stores.

Our products have 18 months warranty, usually products of this type have 1 year warranty, nevertheless we have total confidence in them to offer another 6 months

Permanent technical service, if your frequency Jammer gets spoiled out of warranty or after performing an action that would have damaged the equipment, do not worry, since we can repair it and send it back as new. You will only have to take care of shipments and costs of materials and repair (out of warranty period), but the equipment will be available without the need to buying a new one.

We are a real company, we have a company registration system, we fulfill rigorously all our tax obligations and our products possess ISO 9001, besides we also have extensive experience of over 12 years in this sector. We are not an invented or fraudulent business (as most online shops usually are) whose denominations are fictitious, or where no one is behind, neither we are ad page sellers, selling computers without guarantee or responsibility, and counterfeit in occasions. We are not intermediaries, you have direct line with the manufacturers.

Equipment built with military standard, our frequency Jammers are designed to last, built with excellent materials and by professionals with extensive experience in frequency blocking systems. Having full transparency, we just have one equipment built without such standard, the TX130 line the reason being its individual characteristics in relation to the size and configuration, yet the equipment is designed to last.

Our equipment are professional, they are not the ones commonly found in electronics shops with ridiculous prices, our equipment are professionals and not technological toys, because those who buy such "toys" pay exactly what they get. On the other hand we have realized that there are clones of our equipment produced by other companies, consider this detail and contact authorized dealers only to avoid scams.

We understand you, not only we speak your language, but we understand your concerns and we are here at your service to solve them. With us you have a personal service attention and technical advice, on the other hand we can guide you with the planning, installation and development of blocking systems projects on cellular frequencies.

Free shipping, we send totally free products by selecting airmail, usually received within 7 to 10 business days after the occurrence of shipping, in certain cases it may take 15 days. On the other hand if you want them as soon as possible, we have international shipping by DHL, where it will be received in less than a week if incidents do not occur.

Follow the shipment of your order, once we ship your equipment, we add the tracking number so you can follow at any time through the carrier website, that way you can look at your situation and estimate when the equipment will arrive.

An easy use, all our equipment are plug and play (PnP), so does not require activation or configuration by someone skilled in this matter, however it is recommended for the best use and performance, to be advise by a technician where to place it for greater effectiveness.

Safe value, our equipment are tested before their commercialization, classifying performance to guarantee that they operate beyond their specification , this way not only we guarantee they fulfil the requirements , but operate with the highest standards of quality.