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Buying Guide for frequency detector buyer

Frequency detectors are devices designed to capture the frequencies and warn the user that they are acting in a certain place. Its main function is to detect spy microphones or covert listening devise. Currently the communication systems are increasingly sophisticated and its size is smaller, which allows its discreet use without anyone noticing. This allows information leaks on the company’s internal data, and other filtrations that waste companies millions of Euros per year. In fact this has motivated the appearance of corporate intelligence Assistance offices and many other businesses orientated at reducing the impact of losses related to information leakage. It remains unknown in much of the world, but are beginning to be countries where such services are increasingly more frequent each day.

At this point were frequency detectors gain importance, especially for so-called "electronic sweeps” also called in English-Speaking terms TSCM (Technical surveillance counter -measures), consisting in "electronic” cleaning of meeting places. By cleaning it refers to detect, by many ways, any device located in the meeting area. Within the "electronic sweeps” service functions are found, like the detection of hidden microphones, frequency spectrum analysis, location and tracking transmitters, detection of continuous spying devises, burst or roving type, hidden microphones ``Bugs``, verification of wiretaps and others, are functions related to prevention and security measures.

If you want to buy a frequency detector, but is not an expert or is not clear on which equipment is convenient for you, it is advisable to follow some guidelines for choosing the detector that best suits your needs.

For that matter we have developed this guide with tips in order to help our customers make an adequate and responsible choice. We are aware that Frequency Detectors often have a hefty price, so it is convenient to perform the appropriate and adjusted choice for the function you want.


What kinds of microphones are there?


Microphones detectable frequency radio frequency:

-          GSM Microphones, they use a GSM module to broadcast the conversation in real time or deferred.

-          Magnetic microphones, makes a transmission through external magnetic stimulation.

-          Radio Microphones: HF, UHF, VHF, AM, FM and other carrier waves.

Undetectable microphones by frequency detectors:

-          Light Beam Microphones (laser or infrared): Shoot a beam of light to a window or surface that can vibrate with sound waves, these waves are transformed into sound.

-          Wired microphones: It is composed by telephone microphones (Wiretaps), micro-burners or conventional recorders and electric microphones.

-          Contact microphone: Placed on a surface it captures the vibrations or amplifies the sound to pick up the conversation.

Nonlinear microphones require nonlinear circuit detection equipment and in some cases other support equipment, for these cases professional assistance is needed in electronic sweeps.

Today it is very easy to find hundreds of places where to buy frequency detectors, though not all are the same, unfortunately, the Internet is full of fraudulent sites, but also electronics vendors with very low quality products.

If you decide to purchase a non-professional "low cost" detector, obviously you cannot expect a professional result, since the "low cost" detectors sold at electronics stores, are usually electronic gadgets. In a few words, if you buy a cheap Frequency Detector that can be found on EBay, or spyware and other electronic shopping stores, perhaps what you are possibly receiving is likely to be just a toy. Keep in mind that if you buy a detector for 50 € , that is the price that will cost you , but imagine what it has you’re your seller , probably less than what a menu in a fast food restaurant is worth. If you think a device like this can offer a professional result, is to imagine too much.


Why should I choose your company?

Dynamic Forensics Ltd is an established company with over 15 years’ experience operating in several product lines, it is a company with assets and representations in several countries, in full expansion.

We recommend visiting the following link: Click here.

What guarantees does your company offer me?

Our company guarantees 18 months to 2 years depending on the product, on the other hand provides ongoing support to customers who need technical support.

What detector should buy?

This is the important question within the acquisition of a jammer, for making the right choice should ask you the following:

What kind of user are you?

To start off, a particular user, a businessman or a politician have different needs and different performance protocols, since threats have different levels. For example a particular user hardly ever needs a very high performance equipment because the devices that may be put on him are usually basic. An entrepreneur, depending on the company and the importance in the sector, can be attacked by competitors, and large companies, would even be spied on by governments. A politician can be spied on by other parties in the country or even other governments. When we speak of espionage by governments to an entrepreneur usually go in several ways. To begging with there is the activity espionage to control the movements and to comply with the provisions of the country, or even to keep them under control, but there is also the economic espionage, by which business information of foreign companies are stolen to offer to companies of the country in question, in what is called competitive intelligence between states. Currently, most companies are not aware of these activities, but occur more often than it looks.

What kind of “attackers " you can have?

Depending on the customer profile, your investment must be partnered to your protection needs. So if you will spy is your partner, the microphone have probably been purchase on eBay or a spy shop. You just have to stop by these shops to see what frequencies are often handled and what equipment are typically used, considering that an equipment can be choose according to what is going to be detected. For entrepreneurs the level should be higher, because they are usually investigated by the competition or state agencies, this means they have more economic power to be able to make a significant investment in equipment. This obligates the entrepreneur to use devices with more power and spectrum, since this apparatus can be varied in frequencies not subject only to civil bands. In the case of a politician would be the same as above, but in this case the intervention of professionals who perform cleanup (electronic scanning) becomes fully necessary.

How important is it what I have that others may want?

We must make an assessment on what is intended to protect and the interest that could have such information for the person who wants to subtract it. That way you should choose a Frequency Detector or hire an Electronic service Scanning keeping in mind the importance of what you want to protect. For example, if what we handle are company secrets that can generate millions, the protection mechanisms must be proportionate to what is pretended to protect, since attackers probably insist on using many resources on obtaining this information. Otherwise, it may be due to a control by a superior or for example by a partner, to control the user because the system obviously has no need of great complexity, being able to take advantage of cheaper equipments.

What kind of frequencies do I need to detect?

Normally frequencies spy devices often begin from 100 MHz to 6000 MHz, a jammer that have these frequencies, will detect 95% of espionage devices based on RF (Radio Frequency). In response to this point, the user must evaluate the desired bandwidth. The most sophisticated equipment go from 1 Hz to 10 GHz.

What kind of user am I?

It is important to assess the type of user, since some frequency detection devices rely on the proficiency of the user and require advanced knowledge in telecommunications. When you have this profile there are no restrictions, however if you have very limited knowledge or lack of them, it would be advisable to learn a little about the operation of transmissions and frequencies, however if it`s not the case, should be chosen one simple and intuitive jammer that can be used without requiring great knowledge. The teams bounded into bands are simple enough to use without much knowledge.

Do I need discretion?

If you assist regularly to confidential meetings or if you prefer nobody to know that you are using a detector, there are certain detector frequencies that allow you to put them on silent mode, operating by vibration or by using a headset, so that they can operate with detectors without nobody knowing what you are doing.

When do I need professional services?

Professional services are necessary when you are confident of an information leak but has not been possible to be detected by a frequency detector, when this occurs, it is best to hire a recognized business or one that provide Technical surveillance counter-measures, as there are many undetectable microphones by not issuing frequencies, even for professionals sweeps are impossible to detect laser or infrared microphones, at least if they are not working at that moment.

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