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Buying Guide for mobile phone jammer

If you want to buy a Jammer, but is not an expert or is not clear which equipment suits you, it is advisable to follow some guidelines for choosing the frequency inhibitor that best suits your needs.

For this purpose we have developed this guide with tips in order to help our customers for an adequate and responsible choice. We are aware that mobile jammers often have a hefty price, so it is convenient to perform the appropriate and adjusted choice to the function you want.


Where can I buy a Mobile Phone Jammer?

Nowadays it is very easy to find hundreds of places to buy Mobile Jammers, but not all are the same, nor do they offer the same guarantees, in fact there are usually many irresponsible sellers, shell companies and non-professional vendors selling ads on web pages.

Is irresponsible to invest such high capital when purchasing a Mobile Jammer from one of these vendors when you have a good chance of being scammed , cheated or simply not having anyone behind who to claim to, actually spend 200 € or more in products with no warranty or support is very risky. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of these fraudulent sites, but there are also electronics vendors with very low quality products.

If you decide to purchase a Mobile Jammer knowing that they are not authorized dealers nor are they manufacturers, you will get what they want to send, on the other hand they are not professionals or technicians so they often do not even know what they are selling, they simply saw that the products sells, they have found a reseller and offer it.

On the other hand remember that if you buy an inexpensive inhibitor , perhaps what you are receiving is likely to be just a toy , because you get what you pay for, if you buy an inhibitor for 25 € evidently do not wait for more than just to play with it.

Why should I choose your company?

Dynamic Forensics Ltd is an established company with over 15 years of experience operating in several product lines, it is a company with assets and offices in several countries, in full expansion.

We recommend visiting the following link: Press here.

What guarantees does your company offer me?

Our company guarantees 18 months to 2 years depending on the product, on the other hand provides ongoing support to customers who need technical support.

What Jammer should buy?

This is the important question within the acquisition of a Mobile Jammer, for making the right choice you should ask yourself the following:

What do you want Jam?

It is desirable to evaluate what frequencies you want to Jam and not be extended to more frequencies than necessary, because if they are not functional for you there is no sense to block them, other than they could annoy others without any need for it.

What Jammer to choose?

When choosing an inhibitor the last thing to look for is an equipment that brings together many frequencies as the bands used, divide the final output power. This means that they jam with less power each band, if you have the same power and less band it’s divided by less and therefore their performance will be higher.

Where to use the Jammer?

Each environment has specific qualities, so you have to evaluate the situation where you are going to use the Mobile Jammer, to choose the one that best meets the needs. The architecture, building materials, power phone signal in the area, the area`s organization, etc. There are several effects that occur in transmission, the shadow effect and the Faraday cage effect, both drastically affects the expansion of the jamming signals.

The signal strength in the area can affect the range of signal blocking, in an area with a power of -75 dBi or greater, may even disable the power and therefore the strength of a Jammer of less than 10W.

What range do you want?

The range of a frequency jammer is often not a strict concept but is determined by the situation of the environment, a high power cell phone signal in the area will reduce the distance that the Jammer can block signals. On the other hand if the cell phone signal in the area is low, the Jammer will have wider scope reaching its maximum range. So to choose the necessary power in your Mobile Jammer is necessary to know the power phone signal in the area.

Do you need a standard Jammer or a portable one?

Each of them have some advantages and some inconveniences, a portable Jammer can be taken anywhere, is simple to use and can be stored anywhere discreetly, however it weakens in power and therefore in range, and especially in autonomy and unfortunately stability, since it does not have a standard Jammer cooling System like the installation or desktop units.

An installation or desktop Jammer has more power and therefore more available scope mostly helped by having larger antennas, most of them allow the continuous usage and are more stable, but the disadvantage of many of them is that they cannot be easily transported or easily camouflaged.


If you follow these points, you will surely find what you desire, since you will acquire a Jammer that can meet your necessities, which can be covered without any problem or incident.