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Frequently ask questions

1. Do you ship products internationally?

Yes, Our distribution is worldwide. We ship to all countries, except conflict or terrorist presence countries.

2. Why am I not receiving the emails from PROJammers?

Currently filters from emails providers as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others have a very strict filter that classifies as SPAM any email address that is not in the service of in your email contacts. So if you can not see the emails from our company, look for emails in the folder "spam", and despite that it is a legitimate mail may be could be classified as Spam. Once you check "this email is not spam / junk mail" you will receive the emails correctly.

3. I received my order but I was charged in Customs, why?

Dear customer, If you have a customs charge is something that is not related to us, because we do not apply anything or we do not have relation with this. The customs charge a duty to you, is a tax entry products that each government applies to the buyer national, that is, it is a tax of your government to you for the privilege of buying a product and bring it into the country. These taxes are personal taxes applied to you by your government, at any time our company will be responsible for them, since they are imposed between you and your government. Remember that you did not pay tax / VAT to us so that it can be charged by your government.

4. Can I call you? What is your phone number?

Initially our company had available international telephone numbers, however the volume of calls was high and the extended conversations up to 30 minutes, made our lines saturated and will calls in waiting. So this is the reason that our company decided to adopt a system of tickets, the customer can email us with any concerns or issues that email enters in a waiting list and is answered by order of entry. Thus communications are performed more quickly, they are also monitored to control the quality of content, and is divided by language, ensuring greater fluidity of information and speed troubleshooting. On the other hand it is recorded communications and this point is very important for all purposes.

5. What jammer is the best?

There is no better or worse jammers, there are only good or bad choices depending on the problem that the user has. Most users think that a jammer works for everything and must apply to all, and that should work for all, and that is a fallacy. There is not a jammer for all, only a jammer adapted to the needs and circumstances of the user.

To choose a jammer is not enough to acquire the device with more frequencies, or the best design. These concepts may be good for other products, but to choose a jammer the criteria are different. It is the following:

What I need?

Rate the frequencies that you want and do not choose more than you want to jam, as it does not have sense jam frequencies that you do not want to block, or are not functional for you.

How i should choose them?

Regarding power: Once you have clear the frequencies that you want, you should consider the output power of your jammer should be chosen according to the circumstances in the area where you will use it.

Regarding the functionality: what should be assessed more convenient, if you buy a portable or a desktop unit for installation, both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is advisable to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks of such funcionabilidades.

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Service for advice on your choice.

6. My jammer does not work. What happens?

Before choosing a jammer must perform minimum checks to ensure it is suitable for the location where you will use. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone there are programs to assess the strength of the signal in the area such as "GSM Monitor", with this app you will be able to see the intensity of the signal power in the area.
For example, an jammer of 2W is designed for indoor or places with a output power less than -80dBi of signal power. If the signal in your area is -75dBi or more, the jamming range may be reduced in proportion to the strongest signal, that means you need to be moving closer to be effective. In short, a jammer works by proximity, broadcasting the same signal as the original signal.A strong signal in the area could reduce the jamming range or can pass over the the jammer.

7. How much does shipping cost?

Depends on the kind of shipping chosen by the customer, you can choose from international shipping company by post or courier by DHL and business partners. On the other hand also it depends on the weight, so the ideal is aa the products to the cart and process the order, in the second step you will see the shipping price.

8. How long does it take to get my order?

Once we receive payment, we often ship the product in the same 24 hours. Time for customized products can vary from 1-5 days to perform shipping. Once clear the above things, you will receive the product according to its geographical location and the type of service shipping. For shipments by mail can vary from 7-40 days (depending on your country) and if it sent by express mail usually receive between 3 and 7 days after it is processed.

9. How can I track the status of my order?

Once we process the order, and we change the situation to sent, always we incorporate the tracking number of the transport service that you can find in your order status panel, in that way you can check and follow the shipping status at all the times. This also allows you to trace the shipment and know the situation. After we send the order, you can consult in your user panel.

10. Do your products have warranty?

All our store products have a warranty from 1 year to 18 months, depending upon the product purchased. However, although the warranty expires, this does not mean there is no longer support. So when the warranty period it is over, the customer can continue to support the repair and maintenance of the equipment purchased.

11. Do you accept returns?

Yes, but the customer must bear all management fees, transfers and transport as well as expenses incurred, such as customs charges. It is essential that the product has not been opened or used. In the case of hardware problems, the option of replacement or substitute for another model will be offered.

12. Is it possible that customs confiscated my package?

To date, we didn´t had this case, however, as in many other situations, depends on the arbitrariness of such customs agents, so it could be possible. Although if happen, usually is a consequence of not paying the customs duty.

13. How safe are my data that I have provided? Can I cancel, modify or delete?

Of course, the right to manage their data and privacy of the same is one of our deepest values, so we do not share data with third parties either now or in the future. We believe in data protection and the right to confidentiality, on the other hand customers have access to modify or cancel them for themselves. However it should also clarify that we cooperate with departments of justice and police from several countries.

14. How can I get discounts?

We offer quantity discounts, so if you are going to buy multiple units, we will carry out a discount depending on the number of units. Please contact us for a quote for several units.

15. Where can I find a jammer for audio recorders?

The so-called "voice recorder jammers" or "jammers of audio recorders" are nothing more than a speaker and an audio player with a recording of white noise, we obviously do not sell that, because honestly would deceive our customers, charging more for something that is simply an audio and speaker. If you thought that there is a device that interferes, damages or nullifies another devices is not possible in fact does not exist. A frequency jammer block only radio frequencies, never a device (hardware).

On the other hand jam conversations with this medium is annoying, imagine to be talking with a detuned radio and the loud sound, that it is a "voice recorder jammer" is nothing more than that.